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    In fact, Lan Ning Xiaoxi's intention was very clear, which was to threaten him, and Lan Ning Xiaoxi's strength was very scary for everyone to see. If they really want to fight Lanning Xiaoxi, they are none of these opponents, or they can't directly hurt Lanning Xiaoxi's silky hair, so far, Bu Tuo can only calm himself. comforted himself in his heart, "Forget it, I'm coming anyway Just check to see how many brushes this Lanning Wang Han has. As long as you confirm the opponent's overall Strength, there won't be any problem, no matter I will report this matter directly at that time, and then talk to them later. The matter between them is not something I need to worry about, and I am just a small spy... The so-called two If the troops fight each other, why don't you kill them..."

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    As for where the fragmented soul comes from? For example, Lanning Xiaoxi I give an example. If my computing power is overdrawn and I cannot repay it, or if I fail three quests in a row, then I will accept severe punishment. I will be taken straight to a place called the theater. In this place, my body will be trapped in a box, and the box will be filled with the Sea of Void. Then, through the calculations of the projection field, my soul will be torn apart. Divided into trillions of copies, each soul fragment records my current soul outline, and the soul outline will be sent to the virtual sea beast training cabin in the future. Here, let's take a -3 as an example, a-3 I can condense my soul fragments into a kind of life stone, that is, map the outline of my virtual soul onto a physical life stone matter. Compared to the virtual soul outline that can be thought of, the material The life stone itself is It does not have any thinking ability, but it can be used as a template for the soul of a group, to groups formed using the lifestone will have the same soul outline as the lifestone, that is, the same soul as I Contoured.

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    It's okay, let's get going... Besides, if I remember correctly, each teacher owes me 10,000 calculation power. Vuong Han suddenly mentioned something like calculation power after a few SR levels, The teacher felt embarrassed and continued: "Actually, I don't lack the ability to calculate, nor do I want to take the teacher's ability to calculate, but if I use my ability to calculate and directly cancel your debt, then It's so disrespectful to teachers, I'm a respectful person. So let's not do this... Because the teachers have expressed doubts about whether I can achieve a level r medal in the first place or not. no, so this time, the teachers should be even more skeptical about whether I can achieve an s-level medal!”

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    It's basically just writing a program and cracking a program. The first few years of my soul trap transition were much the same. The speed of the entire process depends on whether the programmer's computing ability is strong or not. Programmers with terrible computing power can find solutions to programs in seconds and can also crack programs written by others, which is very difficult for hairy programmers. than.

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    Ha ha, he knew he was bound to lose, that's why he played like that. Losing was also reasonable. Anyway, if he lost, nothing would happen. Lanning Xiaoxi smiled and said, "And his father is also my uncle. He himself was very happy after knowing that his son had such determination. He thought that his son was very promising. even though he was a bit disappointed in the short term, this was still a great thing. the choice that only successful people can make, in his opinion, this kind of failure is nothing Anyway, getting up after failure is very good.

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    What Wang Han wants to do now is to thoroughly analyze the Life Stone and improve the Life Stone, so that he can stack more virtual souls that are made of source matter and store more computational energy. more math. , and it can only have a certain effect after being changed...

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    What's wrong? Do you think my idea is more suitable? Vuong Han looked at several people curiously, then said convincingly: "Actually, I don't know right now whether I can get an S-level medal or not." , I am now a little stronger than the R-rank medal, so if you want me to evaluate the R-rank medal, then no problem, I know that I will definitely be able to pass the evaluation, but now I'm not sure about the S rank medal Well, then in this case, to force myself to perform well, I can only say this…”

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    It has been more than a year since Vuong Han entered this coffin. Judging from the previous situation, Vuong Han did not particularly believe that these things on the wall could exercise his body. key, on the one hand on the other hand, this really really works! The effect was unexpectedly strong, causing Vuong Han to be burned in such a bitter coffin. Before and after refining the oil lamp, it took a year. After Vuong Han got out of the coffin, Meng Meng's first reaction was is absolutely absolute.

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    The last exam was only two or three days ago, not even until next month, so I don't have any free time right now. After Vuong Han understood, his body stood motionless, his heart urging him, he could only awkwardly say: "And if you have to waste your calculating ability to test your calculating ability, I don't think it's necessary." , anyway, more or less computing power is temporarily unchanged, wait until the end of this month when I remember to check, then call you, let's go take a look, okay? ?"

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    This life has no results. . . . . . Vuong Han gasped and said, "I didn't know about this before, so there's no problem. Now see if this oath is really overbearing!"

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    Nothing! Where are you two masters going? If there's nothing else, I'll go out now. If my breathing gets a little out of control, they can be discovered immediately! But you're not bad! Humph, you just walked in from the courtyard door, they didn't even chase you! It seems that you have reached a level of proficiency in concealing your breath, even I am moved! I couldn't help but say: "And this kind of situation probably has nothing to do with any breath on your body, or maybe it's because of some characteristics of your body, so now I see When I saw you, if it weren't for the fact that I was sure that you were my disciple and that you were Wang Han, then I would definitely have thought that you were those mystical monsters! The strength of your hidden aura is estimated to have reached the level of an S-class monster! I haven't seen you fight so I don't know the specifics!”

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    During practice, time passed very quickly. As soon as Vuong Han closed his eyes and opened them, the Heavenly Seal had opened. It was not too late. First, go to the world and ask Ly The Tong a little, at least know the situation. The time that the sky sign will change next time, because it involves the safety of a person's life, which is dry. Li Shizong said before that Qianqian will die the next time Skyline opens, just like Hagilian in the early years. Back then, it was impossible for Vuong Han to avoid this kind of thing from happening, but now, in this era of Skyline, he wants to do his best to avoid such a thing from happening!

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    Then he said to his opponent as if nothing had happened: "Today's match is like that. I still have work to do here. If there is still time, then let's continue fighting."

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    "This time let me fight Mr. Lanning!" Luckily, Bo Da's teammates weren't all pig teammates. There were still teammates who could tell their situation. There was no way, everyone would fall through the cracks if he tried. Try to survive, if your mind is a little slow, sometimes it will be difficult to protect yourself! So at this time, don't let Bo Da continue to challenge Lan Ninh Vuong Han, change someone else to challenge the opponent, the opponent will definitely understand what they mean, then there will be no problem! !

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    What should we do now? Do we want to catch up? We can't just let him walk the streets like this! We've lived together since we were kids, and it's partly thanks to his contribution that we've been able to enjoy ourselves so comfortably during this time, so why don't we kick them out to meet each other? Butuo, otherwise, as Countrymen, aren't we too happy? A little cold."

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    Xiaoxi, actually, I have never done the same thing before, and this is the first time I deal with this kind of erroneous result, so I don't know how to completely separate the outline of the Stone The life from outlining his inner soul. What effects will appear after combining, but no matter what, I promise you that this thing may fail, but the price to pay for failure is none other than this Vuong Han becoming an unconscious virtual beast, his body should be no problem. Lanning Xiaoxi's father said at this time.

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    “?” Porphyrin's eyes flashed with surprise, "No, the oil lamp you gave me was not the flowers in front of their graves, but them. . . . . .